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Passive Earning with
Minimum Risk Investing in Real Estate

“You have two lives, the second one starts when you realize you only have one”

- Confucius

There is life outside of the matrix grind, and you don’t have to wait until retirement to live it.

The standard career system has its limitations,
but real estate is one of the best avenues to stay on track with your financial goals and reach your life's vision before retirement.


Having 10 Million dollars is not an end goal.
Money is just a tool to build your life experiences and create own your freedom with.


You shouldn’t be working harder than your money.

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Find the lifestyle you want through truly passive income opportunities.

We provide the best return with a minimum risk for our investors to generate the cashflow and the returns on investment you need to help you reach your ultimate goals.

We will look into your tolerance risk, goals, timeline and define the best connections and opportunities for your financial goal.


Let’s discuss your goals and even if ChemDox Partners isn’t the right opportunity for you, we're happy to recommend you to others in our network!

No Commitment Consultation
We’re Edina & Cédrick Mahieux

Chemists, now investors as well and a wordly family.
Cédrick is from France, Edina from Hungary, our son born in California, our Daughter in Texas, and our Dogs from Africa.

We now reside in Austin, TX


We grew up and were raised with the idea that to succeed in life, you need to go to school, get good grades, get diplomas, get a good job, retire and enjoy what you have saved for 40 plus years. Sound familiar?


By the age of 26, we had our Ph.D. in Chemistry. By 30, we were working in the US (we are from Europe) in fortune 500 companies, driving fancy cars and were able to travel for fun about once a month for the next following years.

But 30 countries and 2 babies later, we realized that there were some discrepancies between our dreams and the reality of the limitations that were taking place in that system.

Our retirement was going up and down with global events (recessions, pandemic) with nothing we could do about it, and our "savings" accounts did not provide performances to sustain inflation. We were literally following the path of the “Poor Dad” in  Robert Kiyosaki’s: Rich Dad, Poor Dad; without being aware of it!

That is when we decided to take control of our assets and make our money work hard for us. That is how we discovered the passive investing power of real estate.


“Cedrick is professional, sincere, and provides value in building community. His expertise in real estate investing allows networks to grow. He has a heart for helping others. Cedrick is a team player and is respected in the Real Estate Investing industry. I highly recommend him without reservation”

-Michele M., Multifamily Syndicator and Investor

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No Commitment Consultation
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We will reach out to schedule a time to talk about your goals and add you to our investor list where you can be notified and learn more about upcoming opportunities.

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